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About Us

At its core, Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a grassroots movement to reform health care for patients in our country from the ground up by removing the middle man of third-party payment (insurers) from medical decision making. It is an innovative membership based model of care where the patient and physician directly contract with each other for primary care services, without the hassle of having to deal with insurance. This allows for access to high quality care with unprecedented access to the primary care physician.

There are no co-pays, deductibles, or billing of insurance. With low administrative burden and without insurance companies dictating care, DPC physicians can focus their attention on what really matters – caring for their patients.​

Compared to a traditional medical practice where each physician is expected to care for over 2,200 patients, DPC practices maintain smaller panels (typically 500 patients per physician). This allows DPC physicians to spend more time with each patient in order to achieve individualized care.

Our mission at Renew Family Medicine is to provide attentive, accessible, affordable care, and to bring the focus back to the patient-physician relationship for Hillsboro, Beaverton and the surrounding communities. 

We achieve this mission through focusing on our Values: 

Clarity of cost
Continuity of care
Caring for the community

About Our Physician

Dr. Van Anh Nguyen is the founder of Renew Family Medicine and is a board certified osteopathic family physician. She attended Brown University for undergraduate studies, Western University of Health Sciences for medical education, and completed a family medicine residency with Macneal Family Medicine. 

During her childhood, Dr. Nguyen realized the value of primary care by attending her parents' medical visits. After working almost a decade in the traditional healthcare system, she was fed up with the headache of dealing with insurance and felt that this system was not adequately meeting patients' needs. Dr. Nguyen decided to pursue direct primary care to spend more time with patients and help reduce their healthcare costs. Dr. Nguyen chose family medicine to care for all ages, from newborn to end of life. Her goal is to form thoughtful, enduring patient-physician relationships that are the heart of primary care.


Dr. Nguyen's special interests within primary care include diabetes and weight management. She enjoys taking time to learn about each patient's unique background. Using that framework, Dr. Nguyen can partner with patients to create a personalized plan, empowering patients with knowledge to prevent illness and knowledge of their medical conditions.

As a first generation Vietnamese-American, Dr. Nguyen can speak, read and write in Vietnamese. When not at work, she is usually enjoying time with her husband and two children, exploring parks or hiking trails.


We look forward to partnering with you to achieve better health!

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