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Medical Exams for Immigration
(Immigration Physicals)

What to bring?

  • Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

  • Government-issued photo identification, such as a valid passport or driver’s license.

    • ​For those who are 14 years old or younger

      • Bring identification that shows your name, date and place of birth, and parent’s full name. Possible forms of identification include your birth certificate (with an English translation) or an affidavit.

  • Vaccination or immunization records (such as DT, DTP, DTaP, Td, Tdap, OPV, IPV, MMR, Hib, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, varicella, pneumococcal influenza, rotavirus and meningococcal disease, and COVID-19)

  • Any past medical documents

  • Payment in the form of cash/Zelle, debit, or credit card

  • If you are not fluent in English, you will need to bring an interpreter to your appointment. 


How much does it cost?

  • Health insurance plans do not cover these immigration exams because they are considered administrative exams.

  • The cost of the immigration exam is $475 using a credit/debit card, or $450 cash/Zelle. This total cost includes:

    • Screening lab tests that are required by USCIS (screening for gonorrhea, syphilis and tuberculosis)

    • Immigration medical exam

    • Evaluation of immunizations​

    • Completion of the I-693 form by our physician

  • If you prefer to use your health insurance for the screening lab tests, please specify this when you reserve or schedule your appointment. In that case, the cost of the immigration exam is $450 credit/debit, or $425 cash/Zelle ​

When can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments are typically available within 1-2 weeks and scheduled during the following times:

  • Mondays 10am - 2pm

  • Wednesdays 10am - 2pm

  • Fridays 10am - 2pm

Requests for more urgent appointments will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may incur an extra fee of $50.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please text 971-238-2330, or request an appointment (after completing the form, it will transfer you to a page where you can schedule an appointment)

  • We require a non-refundable deposit of $100 to schedule your appointment. This amount will be applied to the total cost once you complete the appointment. 

  • If we are busy and can’t answer the phone, please leave a message or send a text stating you are interested in scheduling an Immigration Exam and we will reply as soon as possible. 

  • If you need to re-schedule your appointment, please give at least 24 hours advance notice. There are no fees for rescheduling.

  • If you cancel, or do not show up to your appointment, you will lose your non-refundable deposit of $100.

What to expect?

  • During the first appointment, we will gather information about your identity, vaccinations, and medical history.

  • We will also check your weight, height, vital signs, and perform a general physical exam.

  • We will then order any necessary tests - you will go to the lab to have your blood drawn and urine collected.

  • If you are missing required vaccines, we will let you know which ones you need and you can get them at a nearby pharmacy.

  • Lab results are usually available within 5-7 days. When we receive the results, we will review them and contact you if there are any concerns.

    • If you test positive for any of the screening tests, you may need additional visits for treatment and follow-up. There may be additional fees involved if you need additional treatment or testing. 

  • If you have a chronic medical condition (such as hypertension or diabetes), you will need to get a supporting letter from your primary care doctor or specialist, and they may need to sign part of the I-693 (page 11). This can add extra time depending on how fast you can request this documentation from your doctor.

  • Once all of your labs results have been received (if normal), and you have received your required vaccinations, you will be scheduled to return to the office and pick up your sealed envelope containing the completed I-693 form.

    • You will also receive a copy of the I-693 for your records.

Which vaccines are required?

For most healthy adults under age 65, the following are required:

  • One dose of the Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine within the last 10 years.

  • 2 or 3 doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine

    • If you are unvaccinated against Hepatitis B, you will need to get at least one dose in order to meet the requirement. 

    • If you think you may have received it but don’t have your vaccine record, you can request an extra blood test to check for immunity against Hepatitis B (a small fee will apply).

  • 2 doses of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine

    • If you are unvaccinated against these, you will need to get at least one dose in order to meet the requirement. 

    • If you think you received these vaccines but don’t have your vaccine record, you can request an extra blood test to check for immunity against these (a small fee will apply).

  • 2 doses of the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine OR a history of having chickenpox/varicella in the past. 

    • If you are uncertain whether you had it or got the vaccine, an extra blood test can be done to check for immunity (a small fee will apply).

    • If you never had it and are unvaccinated, you will need to get one dose in order to meet the requirement. If you are over 50, you may be required to have the shingles vaccine, which is a particular version of the varicella vaccine for older adults.

  • One dose of the current season Covid-19 vaccine.

  • One dose of the current seasonal influenza vaccine if it is flu season (October 1 - March 31).


For adults 65 and older, or adults with chronic health conditions, additional vaccines may be required, including a pneumonia vaccine (PCV20).

For children/teens, the list is much longer and may include vaccines depending on age: 

  • DTaP, Polio, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, and Meningococcus.


What if I don’t have any vaccine records?


Extra blood tests can be ordered to check for immunity against certain diseases, including hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella (chickenpox). Each extra blood test will cost $16. 


For all other vaccines, if you do not have documentation, you will have to receive at least one dose of each vaccine (or two in the case of Covid-19).

What if my records are not in English?

For records in any language other than English, you need to pay a professional to provide a certified translated copy and bring this to your first appointment. You can search for these services online.

Where can I get the vaccines I need?

If you have health insurance, you can get the vaccines at any pharmacy, and the pharmacy can bill your insurance for them.

Be sure to ask for a receipt that includes the name of the vaccine(s), the date of administration, lot number, etc.


If you do NOT have medical insurance, you will need to pay out of pocket for any vaccines you need. You can look at Costco pharmacy if you have Costco membership, or Goodrx for coupons. If you are a student, school based health centers can give immunizations (Washington County school based health centers: Beaverton HS, Century HS, Forest Grove HS, Merlo Station HS, Tigard HS, Tualatin HS)​

What if I object to vaccination?

You need to obtain a blanket vaccine waiver through USCIS. You can still complete the medical exam and get the completed I-693 form, but I must check the box: “Applicant will request an individual waiver based on religious or moral convictions.”

  • Whether your waiver is approved by USCIS or not is completely up to USCIS. If your waiver is declined, you may need to pay to complete the process again.

Which lab tests are required?

USCIS requires testing for the following:

  • Tuberculosis (blood test) for anyone 2 years and older

  • Syphilis (blood test) for adults ages 18-44

  • Gonorrhea (urine test) for adults ages 18-24​

How long does it take to get the completed I-693 form?

If you complete all of your vaccinations on time, AND all of your lab results are normal, then the process typically takes one week.

  • If you have any abnormal test results or a chronic medical condition, or if you are missing vaccines, the process may take longer.

  • At the second or final appointment, you will receive the completed I-693 in a sealed envelope and a copy of the completed I-693 for your records.

What if I only need the vaccination review completed?

You must specify this at the time you make the appointment. The cost of this vaccination record review is $175.

This includes only Parts 1-5 and Part 10 of the I-693 form. It does not include a physical exam, medical history, or screening for communicable diseases.

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