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How can DPC save patients money?

Unsure how DPC can save you money? Let's compare some costs.

As an example, here are the exact amounts for medical bills that Dr. Nguyen received for her two children's primary care needs in 2022, in the traditional healthcare model. Medical bills can add up quickly if you have multiple kids and it is flu/cold season!

A picture and calculation of health care costs incurred by Dr. Nguyen's two children during the year of 2022, totaling $1,301.89 for seven primary care visits, not including the cost for specialists/ER visits or medications and imaging.
A comparison of the same situation as listed above, but from a direct primary care practice, total costs significantly less at $770 plus the cost of vaccines.

Note: The total cost listed in both scenarios do not include out of pocket costs for medications, labs, imaging, specialty visits, or ER visits in 2022, which are not primary care services performed in the office.

This cost comparison also does not take into account additional savings that DPC may provide for patients, through lower cost medications, labs, or imaging.

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