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Saving TIME and MONEY

After removing a patient's Nexplanon today, she revealed that she was quoted $600 for this procedure as a self pay patient.

Since she was a DPC member, I performed the procedure for free, and only charged her the cost of the Lidocaine and the cost for 3 months of an oral contraceptive that I dispensed today, saving a trip to the pharmacy. Total for the entire visit? $15.

She also did not have to wait weeks for an appointment for the procedure. All it took was one message to me and we set up a time within a few days that worked best for her.

When you have a Nexplanon removed and discuss/implement other forms of contraception at a regular fee-for-service (pay per visit), insurance-based practice, you will be charged for: -the office visit, -the procedure(s), -the medication(s) or device(s) used during the procedure, and -any prescriptions which you would have to obtain and pay for at a pharmacy.

DPC saves patients TIME and MONEY.

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